No More Empty Promises Petition

We, the citizens of Saint Joseph County, petition our elected officials to fulfill their campaign promises of improving our local economy, attracting new jobs, lowering taxes and reducing crime.

We have grown weary of one-party dictatorial rule in Saint Joseph County. We are tired of empty promises and we are fed up! In every election cycle, we are told that our community’s economy will be your top priority and yet, you consistently pass ordinances that prohibit job growth and tax our neighbors out of the community. Our county has some of the highest tax rates and costs of doing business in the state of Indiana. We no longer want to see our neighbors, our children and our grandchildren forced to leave this community to find gainful employment and a better quality of life elsewhere.

Because we are tired of your empty promises, we are making a promise of our own. If you do not put aside your personal considerations and aspirations and begin to work on behalf of the people who have elected you, your time in office will be short. We promise to do everything within our power to ensure that you are not re-elected and are replaced with someone who has a clear vision for a brighter future and the courage to implement it.

We demand that meaningful reform be implemented before the November 2014 election or we will keep our promise.