Curtis T. Hill, Jr.

Attorney General, Indiana

Curtis T. Hill, Jr., a Republican, currently serves as Prosecuting Attorney for Elkhart County, Indiana. He believes in the hope that is grounded in the American justice system. Born and raised in Elkhart, Curtis is the fifth and youngest child of Curtis T. Hill, Sr. and Eleanor M. Hill.

In November 2002, Curtis T. Hill Jr. received 78% of the vote and was elected prosecuting attorney for Elkhart County, succeeding his predecessor who held the position for 28 years. Armed with an ambitious platform, he immediately set out to transform Indiana’s largest part-time prosecuting attorney’s office into a full-time professional and well respected centralized law enforcement agency. Re-elected in 2006, 2010, and 2014, Curtis is currently serving his fourth term as Prosecuting Attorney.

Curtis is recognized state-wide as setting the standard for successful prosecution of serious and violent offenders. While he is well known for taking a hard line against career and hardened criminals, he has also initiated creative programs in alternative justice allowing the criminal justice system to focus the bulk of its resources on more significant crimes, while still exacting accountability for lesser offenses. As a trial lawyer, Curtis supervises a staff of public safety professionals including highly trained, committed and well-prepared deputy prosecutors who understand their mission is to seek the truth.

Curtis has testified before Congress on “Methamphetamine in the Heartland” and served as a presenter for the Northern Indiana Methamphetamine Summit Sponsored by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Executive Office of the President of the United States.

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